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Sonoma store pick whiskey

Sonoma store pick whiskey

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@sonomawhiskey whiskey drop updates ‼️

🥃 Store pick barrel, single barrel reserve, cherry smoked wood finished, straight bourbon whiskey

Cask strength 6 years old third degree charred barrel .

Year distilled : 2015

61% 122 proof

67% corn, 20% rye & 13% cherry wood smoked malted barley.

Flavor profile : maraschino cherry, smoke , allspice, vanilla and sarsaparilla.

‼️750 ML for only $49.99

‼️Sonoma distillery glassware available too for only

‼️Releasing this Saturday at 11 am @smart_time_liquor

‼️ online orders pick up and shipping will be processed on or after Saturday at 11 am

Cheers 🥃🥃